Can I lose weight by touching my ears-

Can I lose weight by touching my ears?

Lead: Can I lose weight by touching my ears?

In fact, the ears and internal organs are related. If the internal organs are changed, the ears will react.

Therefore, stimulating the auricular point can produce a certain regulation and treatment effect on the connected internal organs, thereby achieving the purpose of weight loss.

  There are many causes of obesity. It is not just reducing appetite to lose weight. When massaging certain ear points, you can reduce appetite and avoid overeating. The effect is very good.It’s simple and easy.

  Modern research also shows that the feeding center of the fat person’s brain is usually not so sensitive to the news of being “full”, so that the fat person often unknowingly eats too much.

And more stimulation of the ear acupoints can improve the sensitivity of the feeding center and achieve weight loss.

  Touch the ears: 1. Place the thumb on the earlobe, put the index finger in the ear (note that it is not in the ear canal), slightly apply force, and turn it back and forth 20 times.

  2. Use a cotton ball to gently squeeze the acupuncture point of the ear: “stomach point” is in the center of the ear; “pregnancy point” is in front of the ear point.