Drink porridge and raise spleen before the autumn

Drink porridge and raise spleen before the autumn

It is about to set up the autumn, and the health before the fall is to raise the heart and raise the spleen.

Zheng Yunliang, the judge of the National Dietitian Advanced Examination and the vice president of the Tianjin Health Management Association, said that the four seasons of health are known as “spring, summer, autumn, winter,” and the arrival of Liqiu means that the summer yang begins to converge.The gas gradually rises.

  Chinese medicine said that the precipitation from Liqiu to Qiuji is Changxia.

In the long summer, the spleen and stomach are the most prosperous

After entering “Liuqiu”, if you do not timely treat the spleen and stomach, which has been highly stressed, it is easy to develop spleen disease.

Zheng Yunliang reminded that at this time, the diet should take care of Gu Runzao and Qi, with warm food and more meals, and recommend several kinds of medicine porridge to regulate the spleen and stomach to share with you.

  Watermelon skin lentils porridge 150 grams of watermelon rind peeled hard skin and residual melon, rinsed, cut into thin diced, slightly salted with salt.

Add the water to the pot, add the watermelon diced, wash the previous rice 100 grams, 30 grams of yam, 30 grams of lentils, first boil with high heat, then cook for about 15 minutes, then season with salt, sesame oil, also available red, white sugar flavoring.

This porridge has the effect of replenishing qi and strengthening spleen, dampness and clearing heat.

  Lotus seed porridge lotus seeds 30 grams, 茯苓 (milling) 30 grams, washed 100 grams of previous rice, 30 grams of Chinese yam, 5 grams of white fungus.

First boil the lotus seeds and simmer, add all the ingredients, boil them with high heat, and then cook for about 15 minutes with low heat.

  The above two porridge, the rest according to the human body additives: such as spleen damp heat, can add glutinous rice; such as spleen cold, can add red dates, ginger; such as blood deficiency, can add red dates, brown sugar; such as blood and blood deficiency,Can add Angelica, Codonopsis; such as yin deficiency, can add lily, Taizishen; such as severe diarrhea, can add yam, carrots.