Test whether he treats you really?

Test whether he treats you really?

The communication between men and women is very delicate.

Women often worry about each other’s sincerity.

In fact, how to test whether he really treats you, as long as the right hand lets the other person hold one of the five fingers, the truth will be revealed.

(Men’s test is based on the left hand) A.

Big thumb.


index finger.


Middle finger.


Ring finger.



  Answer: A: He is almost desperate for you, obediently.

To put it bluntly, you are the object of worship in his mind.

Willing to bow under your pomegranate skirt forever, but his jealousy is strong, so be careful.

  Choice B: He is not so simple to you!

If you admire him very much and are willing to give yourself completely, then you have nothing to say.

Will things run away after the situation has changed?

  Choice C: He just wants to be a pink confidant with you. If you want to further communicate with yourself, you must pay a considerable price and endure the pain of sharp angles.

  Choice D: He loves your lofty spirit, which is incomprehensible, and even diligent enough to cause you to be disgusted. At this time, you should give him some hardships and train him to become a real man.

  Choice E: He has been secretly in love with you for a long time, but has never dared to change his emotions. If you are also very concerned about him, quickly hint at him and believe that you will become a good pair of lovers.