N kinds of small tricks to solve the skin after summer sun_1

N small tricks to solve skin after summer sun

On hot summer days, how to quickly restore tanned skin is always the hottest topic among women.

Before the sun becomes more intense, learn more about a few whitening tips!

  Persist in maintaining the skin. The tanning needs to be white. It takes time. The length varies from person to person. Of course, it depends on everyone’s age and skin quality.Tanning, even if the sun is very thorough, completely sunburned, you can still whiten back at once, some people are particularly sensitive, even when sitting indoors, they will tan through glass windows.

If you want to restore white and transparent skin, you need continuous care and sun protection!

  Basic maintenance Daily basic maintenance is still not to be ignored. Clean your face thoroughly every day (including: makeup removal, wash your face), exfoliate and apply your face once a week.

It can speed up the skin’s metabolism and let you lighten up quickly.

  If you are worrying about which facial product to buy, here is a small recipe, just soak the yogurt with a cotton pad, and then stick it on the face for 10-15 minutes, and it can also enhance the skin’s resistance to ultraviolet raysPower too!

  Eating more vegetables, fruits and more foods containing vitamin C, E, beta carotene can beautify the skin and make you whiten quickly.

Many people mistakenly think that wanting to come back white is related to the color of the food they eat. If you drink milk, your skin will turn white. So who dares to drink coffee, eat chocolate, or eat soy-rich foods?

Although milk is rich in vitamin A, drinking it may not be as fast as washing it.

  By the way, here is a sweet soup that cools down the heat and whitens, or you need to add Coix Seeds anyway, Coix Seeds is especially helpful for skin beauty.

  Remember to apply sunscreen lotion and sunscreen 15 minutes before going out, and remember to take it out, and make up for one to two hours outdoors, even if it has been tanned, prevent it from continuing to tan.

Don’t assume that you don’t need to have sun protection when sitting indoors. Floors, openings, and glass all reflect ultraviolet rays.

  Drink plenty of water at least 2000CC daily to protect your skin and your lips.

  The normal adjustment of the schedule is to go to bed before eleven o’clock in the evening. Even if you can’t, you have to go to bed before twelve o’clock, because it is not easy to come back for whitening because you miss the beauty time.

  Simple exfoliation If the skin is sunburned, do not exfoliate casually, and then the first thing to do is to repair the skin. After knowing that the skin is repaired, you will perform exfoliation.

Exfoliating the body, in addition to the necessary scrubs, different body parts also require different products and different methods.

Today, we will introduce different exfoliating methods for different parts of the body, including contraction, elbows, and heels.

  Exfoliating the whole body: The scrub is usually replaced 2 to 3 times a week. For irritation, it can be mixed with the bath cream. After using the foaming ball to make a rich foam, carefully rub it in circles around the body.

If possible, you can take a bath. Add a few spoons of white vinegar in the bathtub to whiten and soften the cuticles. It is better to take a bath and then use a scrub.

  Alignment, elbow: 1 to 2 times a week. Except for regular scrub products, you can use lemon juice to exfoliate.

After washing these parts, cut the lemon, rub the lemon’s flesh on these horny, hard ends, and then wash it off. Once you can see the obvious effect.

  Heel: Once a week, it is generally recommended to use a rubbing plate, or a rubbing stone. Because the horns of the feet are thick at first, even rubbing a plate or rubbing stones will not cause skin damage and can be quickly removed.Some more stubborn horny.

When your feet are smoother, you can reduce the number of exfoliations.