Do you know how to clean the refrigerator seal?

Do you know how to clean the refrigerator seal?

Because the room is relatively closed, the interior is also prone to breed various bacteria. In this case, the health of the room is closely related to the health of the occupants, which is the relationship between skin and hair.

Therefore, for our health, we must maintain good health in the living room and pay attention to some specific measures to prevent “headache and brain heat” in the living room.

  Sofa: Germs favorite “sitting” pathogenic index: ★ Prevention of defects: ★★★★ Compared with the smooth leather sofa, the fabric fibers of fabric sofas are more likely to trap dust and dirt, and also absorb moisture easily.

Especially in winter, if the sofa is not cleaned often, it may breed mold and mites.

To keep the sofa clean, the most important thing is to remove dust regularly once a week. First, pat with a dry towel, remove the floating dust, and then wipe the cloth with a wet towel.

If there is a vacuum cleaner at home, the dust removal effect will be better, but do not use a suction brush to prevent damage to the weaving thread on the textile fabric, and to avoid sucking with excessive suction, otherwise the weaving thread may be torn.

You can equip the vacuum cleaner with a flat suction head, adjust the suction to medium strength, and remove the dust in the fine slits of the sofa.

Either way, the sofa’s armrests, cushions and gaps are the key points.

  Refrigerator: Be careful to turn into a dustbin. Pathogenicity index: ★★★★ Prevent hazards: ★★★ There are dozens of microorganisms on the seal on the refrigerator door. The presence of these microorganisms can easily cause various diseases.Wipe the seal with a dry cloth soaked with alcohol for best results.

In everyone’s consciousness, the refrigerator can both cool and keep fresh. Putting food in the refrigerator is “insured”.

In fact, the refrigerator is not adapted . The refrigerator is not able to use the refrigerator for a long time without clearing it in time, and an unpleasant odor will appear. This is caused by the mixing of various items in the refrigerator.

If you want to completely eliminate the odor, you should buy as much as you can, and the items in the refrigerator should not be stored for too long.

The storage time is too long, which not only affects the taste of the food but also easily produces odor.

Therefore, it is best not to store your items for more than one month.

Leftovers in the refrigerator should be consumed as soon as possible, and heated before consumption.

  Computer: keyboard is more dirty than the toilet Pathogenicity index: ★★★ Prevent defects: ★★★★ This alternative method of the research recently conducted by American scientists: The bacteria on the toilet seat are more dialling than the computer keyboard, mouse and telephoneThere are far fewer bacteria on the dish, so the toilet seat is cleaner than the top.

  The researchers said that their results showed that the average number of bacteria on the computer keyboard and mouse was 400 times higher than the former on the toilet seat index, which is a surprising result, so people should always use computer keyboards.Mouse and phone are disinfected, and the keyboard, mouse and phone are often wiped with disinfectant.

In addition, the computer desktop should be kept tidy and clean, especially after eating, the desktop should be wiped clean immediately, leaving no nutrition to the bacteria.

  Flooring: Hazardous objects hiding hiding pathogenic index: ★★★ Prevention of defects: ★★★★★ A survey on the use of flooring in Beijing and Shanghai homes showed that the three years of use were 60 years, 12 years, and 3 years.In the solid wood floor samples of the year, the smallest gap was 0.

9 mm, the largest exceeding 6 mm, with an average gap of 4 garbage per square centimeter of floor.

56 grams, the average number of bacteria is 7 times the minimum standard of the hospital, namely infectious disease departments and wards.

  When the floor has a gap, it should be cleaned frequently to prevent the accumulation of dirt.

When cleaning the floor, use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust and debris in the cracked area. If the accumulated dirt cannot be sucked out, you can use a small brush to dipped the floor cleaner to scrub, or you can directly pour the floor cleaner on a rag to wipe.

  Carpet: Cleaning needs “smooth hairs” Pathogenicity index: ★★★ Prevention of defects: ★★★★★ As the surface fiber of the carpet is easy to accumulate dust, the best way is to always use a vacuum cleaner to fill the dust along the hairThis will keep the carpet clean.

  At the top, don’t use toothed or rough-edged tools when cleaning, as this will damage the carpet surface fibers.

If the carpet is shaggy, you need to soak the clean towel with a wet wipe, straighten it with a comb, and iron it with a damp cloth on an iron pad to restore the original shape.

In use, where the furniture’s legs touch the carpet, cushions should be placed or the furniture moved frequently.

In addition to the protection of severely worn parts, it can be used in different positions.