Move home beauty products under 50 yuan


Move home beauty products under 50 yuan

Basic makeup steps: cleansing-lotion-lotion-cream, plus weekly “nutrition meal” mask, if each item is below 50 yuan, more than 200 yuan can get skin care for the entire face!

Let domestic products help you today!

  Affordable Herbal Quadruple Silk Whitening Cleansing Cream Reference price: 100g / 25.

Product introduction of 8 yuan: light and smooth foam, effectively removes the dirt that dimmes the skin, oil and old cuticles, purifies pores and brightens the skin; skin-friendly silk is filled with silk peptides and silk proteins to help replenish moisture and soften rough;Ginkgo biloba extract deeply nourishes and regulates the skin, improves dryness and dullness, and leaves skin white, smooth and elastic.

  Recommended reason: Silk ingredient brings whitening effect, while sea buckthorn ingredient has deep conditioning effect on skin, improving moisturizing effect.

So as to achieve the ideal skin deep cleansing, whitening and smooth.

It is more effective to use four times silk mask with star products!

  Thousand fiber grass cucumber reference price: 500ml / 20 yuan Product introduction: Gherkin, witch hazel, collagen, hyaluronic acid as the main ingredients, combined with mild plant extracts, can produce soft, natural soothing,Balance skin texture and gentle astringent effect, giving skin a fresh, balanced and soft feel.

General skin, especially suitable for normal to oily skin, it has better oil control effect.

  Recommended reason: a cheap gherkin water, absolutely made in China.

While hydrating and moisturizing, it can also effectively control oil and whiten.

The intimate anti-allergy formula allows you to solve skin problems without having a sensitivity crisis.

  Mystery silk beauty honey Reference price: 40g / 40 yuan Product introduction: refined from silk silk peptides and various precious herbs, emollients and other ingredients.

This product is highly predictable and easily absorbed by the skin, can inhibit skin pigmentation, and delay the generation of skin wrinkles.

With long-term use, the skin is smooth, delicate and elastic, and the face will always remain youthful.

  Recommended reason: Silk fibroin, the main ingredient of this product, has five special effects: it promotes the formation of new cells; regulates the skin’s moisturization; inhibits melanin; promotes skin wound healing; it is extremely easy for the skin to absorb.

  Zhangzhou Queen Pien Tze Huang Pearl Cream Reference Price: 20g / 33 yuan Product Introduction: Unique nourishing and skincare active ingredients, promote skin metabolism, enhance skin cell vitality and skin elasticity, moisturize and soften the skin.

It has the effect of removing acne and spots, and is especially suitable for facial acne, pigmentation, skin blemishes, and chapped skin. It can reduce the damage to the skin from harsh environments such as high temperature, low temperature, and wind and sand, making the skin fair and rosy, delicate and pleasant.

  Recommended reason: Pien Tze Huang’s “anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, blood circulation, removing toxic and scarring” effects, can remove spots, wrinkle, anti-aging, inhibit acne, lighten melanin, products have been exported to Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc.Ground.

  Fangcaoji cherry rejuvenating keratin reference price: 80g / 29 yuan Product introduction: If frozen, the size is super mild and contains no particles.

The papaya enzymes extracted from natural papaya are used to soften the cutin in a water-wet manner, and gently decompose the old cuticle.

Cherry extract from West India is rich in Vitamin C and replenishes skin’s moisture.

Leaves skin translucent, clean, fresh, and hydrated.

Can promote the accelerated absorption of subsequent maintenance and strengthen the maintenance effect.

  Recommended reason: Green papaya enzyme, aloe vera extract, gherkin extract, glycerin, cherry extract, NMF and other natural ingredients, don’t worry even if you have sensitive skin!

The cherry extract helps to replenish skin’s moisture.