The elderly and the weak spleen and stomach should eat Chen Liang

The elderly and the weak spleen and stomach should eat Chen Liang

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the unity of heaven and man, and human life depends on the order of heaven.

The ancients expressed spring as a small bug. Spring is a small bug that is about to move, and it is the beginning of life.

Spring is the first three months of the year, and it is the stage where Yang Qi grows and grows step by step.

Hair is important in spring, and you can’t always sleep, otherwise it will hinder the growth of your body’s vitality, so you should sleep less.

Try to sleep early and get up early, you can achieve the purpose of health.

Sleep is directly related to the length of life of our people, so regular sleep is the number one priority in various health regimens.

  In addition to sleep, the spring diet should also pursue the road to health.

Spring corresponds to the liver in the five internal organs. The liver is the main source of hair. If the spring is not well maintained, the body’s hair growth mechanism will not start. If the yang in the body fails to grow in the spring, in summer, a cohesive phenomenon will appear.Complications such as diarrhea.

In the spring season, the core food we eat is grain, which means grain.

Grain must be eaten in spring.

Grain masters grow hair, they are seeds, so their hair growth is very vigorous.

So eating seeds is one of the principles of spring health.

The first is to eat Chen Liang.

Chen Mi is weak in hair strength and taste in the universe.

Especially the elderly and those with weak spleen and stomach are better off eating old food.